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You must agree with me, RSS is a wonderful thing. I have a personal page, eg. a portfolio called "Phoenixheart's homepage". To display some extras (like my Yahoo! 360 blog, my updates on eSnips, my pictures on Flickr etc.) all I have to do is including some PHP RSS reader classes on my page, add the corresponding feeds, and voila, it is filled up with those contents without much effort.

So today I came up with an idea: I'll add a "My Wincustomize page" on my Skidvn. First I checked my WC personal page for the famous small orange icon. There it was, right on the top-right corner, with a RSS link:

I told myself "Ok, all done. You need a feed, they provide a feed, it's great!".
No, I was totally wrong. My RSS reader could read nothing!

Can you guess? The RSS link points to NOTHING! When I tried clicking the link above, it showed "The page cannot be displayed".

Did I do something wrong? Or simply I didn't publish my feed?
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Jan 5, 2006 2:31 AM by Discussion: Community
As I'm new to WC submiting, I keep on refreshing the pages to see how many more downloads my icons receive .
Today something strange occured: after refreshing, number of downloads of my ArcExplorer dropped down from 177 to 174
I'd swear by the Gods!
So maybe one day it will show "-1" huh?
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Jan 3, 2006 7:02 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
This is my ObjectDock library's first page (

And this is SleepingDragon's:

As you can see, they are totally difference. Mine does not even have a "Click to rate" link below the rating stars.
I tried clearing cache, login-logout... the result was the same.
Any idea why?
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Dec 28, 2005 5:06 AM by Discussion: Community
Though I've just submited a few icons to the ObjectDock skin area, I've been a visiter and registered user of WC for a long time. One thing easy to see is, there are too many icons for the "famous" programs, like Photoshop, Winamp, WMP... As I know, a lot of people use many other programs on their PC, and they can't find their OD icons anywhere, as well as they do not know how to create one themselves (as in my case before).
So, why don't we have an "open area" for those OD users to request for their favorite programs' icons? And those who can use graphical apps can create them. It's also a chance to improve your skills isn't it ?
I'll be the first... Any one need an icon? You can send me a screenshot of the origin icon, and I'll try to make it an OD one (128, 256, in PNG or ICO...).
Not so good in graphik, so I need the help from the pro gd!
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Dec 26, 2005 6:40 AM by Discussion: Community
Where has the ObjectDock submit page gone? Normally it is at , along with other stuffs like Boot Skins, Wallpapers... but today I can't find it in the combo box. Any idea?
[ Don't tell me I can never be a graphik designer ]
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Dec 26, 2005 2:31 AM by Discussion: Community
I uploaded some of my very first works, the ObjectDock icons, all in 128x128 PNG. Then I waited. And today I received an email telling me that my uploads were all rejected The reason was, as they said, file must be in ZIP format, when I uploaded pure PNG. But how about this guy?
[Note: link died, as was taken care of ^_^]
His work is in PNG, not zipped.
I'm totally discouraged. Please help!
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